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About us

We are a company located in Galicia, northwest of Spain, in an area with a long tradition in the world of fishing. We are dedicated to the commercialization of seafood and we are specialized in the elaboration, marketing and commercialization of octopus (octopus vulgaris).

Other products that our company markets, suppliers with our partners. Giant squid (Dosidicus Gigas), Loligo squid and vannamei shrimp. Of them, a variety of products made for your convenience and need.

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We specialize in Octopus, mainly Octopus Vulgaris and white octopus (Eledone cirrhosa). We are looking for a sustainable product and we are committed to our marketing as a principle.

Both marine species belong to the family of cephalopods. They are fished along the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal, North Africa and the Mediterranean coast.


Our octopus comes from the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, fished with artisanal methods in the FAO 27, FAO 34 and FAO 37 areas. The octopus in these areas is considered to be the highest quality in the world, due to its size, texture and flavor.

For its nutritional benefits

For its sustainability

For its productivity and trade

With our partners

The octopus has beneficial properties for health due to its great nutritional content. It is rich in Vitamins B3 and B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids. As well as a high content of sodium and potassium. Our Octopus maintains all the guarantees of quality and freshness of a fresh raw material, obtained with traditional fishing methods.

From Ostara, we scrupulously respect the good practices of our suppliers and all the agents that intervene along the supply chain. Several times in a year, octopus fishing is subject to stops for biological reasons and the maintenance of the fishing resource for the octopus to evolve naturally in its environment, as well as for a suitable and traditional business and social activity, The one that many people depend on.

The fishing improvement projects are currently under development for the octopus. This will result in future certification of the sustainability of our species.

Processed in our factory with all the guarantees of quality and freshness of a raw material obtained from artisanal techniques. The artisanal techniques allow a good treatment of the fish extracted from the sea with restrictive fishing methods, with periods of closure for the correct regeneration of the species. They are characterized by their freshness and immediate and daily access from the fish markets to the reprocessing plants.

The same frozen or fresh product arrives at our plant in Spain for the subsequent process until its final packaging and is labeled with the brand of our client or our own brand. All the steps of this process are certified by IFS under the strictest quality standards in its elaboration process.


Presented in different forms: Octopus in tray, octopus in flower and cooked. But we can adapt to your caliber, packaging and / or brand needs.


Octopus in Tray

Cooked Leg

Raw Flower shape


We care and treat our packaging adapting them to the different consumer markets for our customers.